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Pure Cannabis Oil

We currently offer three different strengths of pure Hemp Cannabis oil tinctures

Each bottle is 1oz (30ml) and offers about

60 doses of oil. 


600mg will provide 10mg of cannabidiol per

1/2ml dose

1200mg will provide 20mg of cannabidiol per

1/2ml dose

2400mg will provide 40mg of cannabidiol per 1/2ml dose 




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Your oil begins in the beautiful state of Colorado, where the non-GMO Hemp plants are organically grown without pesticides, heavy metals or molds.

They are then harvested at their peak and processed with unique chromotography extraction technology, leaving the natural

full-spectrum profile intact. 

Each batch is handcrafted and inspected and is double 3rd party lab tested to verify potentency

and purity of your finished product.

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